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Botho is an augmented reality tool that helps clients to view, educate, purchase and wear a limited edition collaborative capsule collection by Lesiba Mabitsela Studio and digital artist King Debs.

The socially engaged collection reflects an alternative solution to global fashion sustainability efforts & cultural values from and by the African continent using a mobile-first approach for greater access.


Botho is a SeSotho phrase that is roughly translated as the act of carrying the required level of respect for the other or in short treating the other with respect. 

  • Conscious, human-spirit-centric, approach towards sustainability in the fashion industry.

  • Combining selected philosophies from around the world with AR technology

  • Minimal-waste cutting techniques employed within the practice of Lesiba Mabitsela Studio.



  • Scroll down to the garment designs.

  • Select design and wait for image to load.

  • Tap the red AR logo to view avatar in AR. This feature will only work in AR compatible mobile phones.

  • Give permission to use phone camera.

  • Once you can see your surroundings through your phone camera, follow the prompt and position virtual block on empty surface.

  • Adjust size of the avatar with your fingers.

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