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Insulated Isolation / Einangruð Einangrun

The performance was facilitated by Lesiba Mabitsela with collaborative contributions of skills and support from Ronit Porat, Guillaume Lepoix, Kristjàn Einarsson, and the citizens of Fjallabyggð as part of the Reitir: International Collaboration Project Residency


The performance is inspired by the Turf House which is an example of Icelandic architecture now found in some of the most isolated yet scenic stretches of land around Iceland. Today the memories of the first settlers remain as handed down tales, floating through the hustle and bustle of modern living.


In this Site-specific performance intervention/Land art we return to what it may have look like then; where life may have been a little simpler and where your survival depended on your fellow man/woman. The aim of this project was intended to bring the people of Fjallabyggð together through a human experience that transcends gegraphical disputes inspiring exchange and inspiring unity through the act of team building and dinning together.


Insulated Isolation / Einangruð Einangrun was a Site-specific performance intervention/ Land Art piece performed in the förð between the two tunnels joining both towns. Citizens of both Ólafsförður and Sigluförður were pre placed around a built circle, with each participant allocated a numbered pole with either blue or orange rope (representing each town respectively) tied to its base. Participants then systematically took turns to walk across over to a participant from a neighboring town, fixing the other end of their rope to their neighbor’s pole. The desired effect once all ropes had been exchanged left behind an interlocked web, revealing a circle where residents of both towns sat to take part in a picnic together.

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