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OPENLab 2014



OPENLab 2014 is a new national laboratory for Early and Mid Career Artists and Creative Practitioners interested in making art in the public realm. It is an open and intensive residency platform aimed at generating new strategies and ideas in site specific, experimental and interdisciplinary practice.


OPENLab 2014 will take place over 10 days from 18 July – 27 July 2014 at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein alongside the Vryfees festival. It will also involve a weeklong studio held at Map (Modern art projects) - South Africa, Richmond in the Northern Cape.

Up to 15 Artists from across South Africa will participate in the Lab, lead by national and international facilitators. The opportunity is open to creative practitioners working in the visual arts, performance, architecture, fashion, dance, new media, sound art, design, community arts and other creative pursuits.

Participating artists will explore new approaches to site based practices working across different communities, disciplines and geographical contexts. The emphasis is on participation, critical thinking, discussion and the creation of new ideas.

OPENLab is a place for free experimentation and open dialogue. It is a nurturing, supportive and responsive space for artists and facilitators to share, exchange and challenge each other.



Paul Gazzola (AUS, Interdisciplinary Artist & Curator), Techa Noble (AUS, Designer & Artist), Jay Pather (SA, Artist, Curator & Educator)


Guest Facilitators:

Godfrey Manenye (SA, Performer & Choreographer), Phillipa Tumubeinee (SA, Architect & Designer), Nadia Cusimano (AUS, Performer & Dramaturge)

International Speakers

Bec Dean (AUS, Curator & Writer), Lee-Ann Buckskin (AUS, Artist & Educator)


Activities include:

Exploring spaces for performance and installation; interdisciplinary collaboration; concept development; audience interactivity and intercultural dialogue. OPENLab is an investment in future thinking, creative networks and professional development

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